About Amy
ENFJ; Type 2 wing 3; Capricorn
Not enough info? Yeah, that's fair.
Amy's confidence and strength of character are the result of both nature (Irish-Italian genes) and nurture (Boston born, raised on Katherine Hepburn, movie musicals, and Gilmore Girls). Her bubbly wit and playful confidence radiate from her wee 4 foot 11 frame in every room.
Currently, Amy is dubbing a Venezuelan telenovela at Voxx Studios and she's a resident voice-over artist for The Draw Shop's online whiteboard animation videos.
You can see her latest screen work in the short film Wonder, which is heading to the Golden State Film Festival this spring.
Amy regularly flexes her comedic muscles on stage and on YouTube with her sketch comedy troupe, The Fun Police.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Amy! We're so grateful she brought her spark, her talent, and her individuality to our humble film!
- Sydney Miller 
Producer/Actress of Wonder 

Latest News

Amy has been cast in the audition-only Industry showcase, Sessions. On May 8th, the cast will perform all original work written specifically for them in front of an invited industry audience. 
Amy plays a modern-day Tweedle Dum in the Alice in Wonderland based short film, Wonder, an official selection at The Golden State Film Festival.
Amy is spending the spring dubbing a Venezuelan telenovela in English at Voxx Studios in Glendale. 
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